Help with leg wrap trap

I’m learning it and whenever to do the first it comes and hits my thigh. P.S. Im right handed and it hits my right leg’s thigh.

Hey dude don’t sweat it I had loads of trouble with that trick because it always hit my ankle and stopped spinning. :slight_smile: Well you said it hit your right thigh so im guessing that your throwing it stepping forward with your right like your supposed to but when the yo yo goes in the circle and comes back your not stepping forward enough with your left. Try stepping forward a little more and watch the video a few more times, Andre is one of the best. Hope that helps. ;D

What i did to do the trick is this. When i stepped my left leg forward i stepped my right leg back
Don’t worry you will stop hitting yourself.I hit my ankle 1 time and it started to bleed didnt step far enough

Oh I love this trick, and i had the same problem. Try pinching the string farther down to make it shorter, this will give you more control. The key to not hitting your right leg, is after you go in between your legs, you move your R leg back, and your L leg forward.

Thx everbody I got it down.