Learn - Abstract Drawing and Manga.

Some more drawing stuff.  These are fun to do and are similar to mandala’s.  Not me in the video, I was just inspired by their style.  As mentioned in one of the youtube vids they use a .38mm uniball pen on random watercolor paper.  This one is YYE colors!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikiver/

The vids show how they drew it along with a neat timelapse they did with their DSLR and mouse to control the shutter so no hand or pen in the shot!  The others are nice too though.

Actual how to:

With a song and shows more than just the flower above.

Still scrolling…  :)  I’ve had fun drawing these too!  Or trying to draw them.  :wink:
Here’s a famous fellow on Manga and Youtube.  Great books and one of the best on Youtube if you like how to draw videos!
Angry Chibi…

One for Haru Ray…

Another one!  Total Shock!

Mark Crilly is great. I watch his videos when I start drawings (Which is rarely).

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Same here, but he helps a lot when you do draw for sure.  His How To Manga book is a good reference but not a lot of how-to in area’s.

Mark Kistler is good too as I got a couple of his books from the $1 book store and they were fun to go through!  3D cartoon monsters and such.
His site is a fee site though other than some freebies I saw here:
Some on youtube too.

I’ve been drawing some chibi lately… Now I have a sudden urge to draw flowers…

That is sick! Great job! Just realized this wasn’t done by you, lol… Either way, it looks great!

Here’s a couple of mine although not near what ‘mikiver’ are! Her layering and depth is great where mine are more flat, untrue round etc. but it’s still fun regardless of the outcome being ‘good’ or not. :slight_smile: It’s a nice meditative drawing style for me.
I need to try some of the uniball pens she uses as I was just using some fine point sharpies or an Ahab fountain pen which isn’t as fine of a point.

Yours still looks awesome!

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You know that urge that you get when you see a pro do something? well that urge overwhelmed me
(sorry for the bad lighting)

Oh boy… The Noodler’s Ahab is one great pen for most applications, but this type or drawing is not it’s specialty. It does make a great artist’s pen, but just can’t do hairlines unless the nib is specially ground.

There are plenty of flex pens that can produce great hairlines, though, so don’t count the fountain pen out next time you’re drawing a piece!

My girlfriend drew the piece below in a little less than an hour with a Diamond Point I modified myself!

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Great drawing! That urge is why I decided to post “mikiver’s” links. Once seeing them, I had to try, no matter the outcome! :slight_smile: That urge has gotten me to try yoyo’s and several other things. Not necessarily studying, but…
Questioner: Why do we find pleasure in our games and not in our studies?

Krishnamurti: For the very simple reason that your teachers do not know how to teach. That is all, there is no very complicated reason for it. You know, if a teacher loves mathematics, or history, or whatever it is he teaches, then you also will love that subject, because love of something communicates itself. Don’t you know that? If a musician loves to sing and his whole being is in it, doesn’t that feeling communicate itself to you who are listening? You feel that you too would like to learn how to sing. But most educators don’t love thier subject; it has become a bore to them, a routine through which they have to go in order to earn a living. If your teachers really loved to teach, do you know what would happen to you? You would be extraordinary human beings. You would love not only your games and your studies, but also the flowers, the river, the birds, the earth, because you would have this thing vibrating in your hearts; and you would learn much more quickly, your minds would be excellent and not mediocre.[/i]

Beautiful drawing! Have you seen the PBS show on hummingbirds? It was great! http://video.pbs.org/video/1380512531/
You custom grind nibs! Cool! Another fun thing with fountain pens you can do!

On the Ahab, I totally agree! Upside down they can write a fine line but are scratchy. They are easy to adjust from wet to dry flow and I had hoped setting it up wet would help me fill in the solids quicker. It worked, but I missed the line detail I could get with a true fine point pen after the fact.
I started using plain white copy paper as the textured paper really does a number on the sharpies tips after a short while. I really don’t know why they used textured watercolor paper other than durability/quality? But why not use smooth? If I had any smooth, it would’ve solved my issues right away.
I also tried using a Pilot XF fountain pen on the watercolor paper 1st but didn’t like having to crush the paper down with the tiny soft nib and the paper made it scratchy too of course.