Last few For Sale

1st Row
Clyw Plastic Peak $20
YJYY Timeslip $30
2 Sick Guardian $30
Amplified Return Tops Juke $25
Yoyobrothers Heritage $40

2nd Row
Jake Bullock Dunk ‘bape swap’ SOLD
Dunk Rebound green and purple swap $50
Dunk Rebound Blurple $40
Slim Dunk Red $45
One Drop Diorama ‘Shadowkat’ SOLD

3rd row
Fair Trade Yoyos 138 $30
One Drop Custom painted Eclipse $70
One Drop Lunar Eclipse SOLD
One Drop Legendary Terrarian $80
One Drop Diorama Pink Cerakote $100

4th Row
RecreationalRevolutio(RecRev) Sine/Saw $65
Gway Esper SOLD
Motion Elevated $110
A RT Inhaler $75

G2 Mongoose $130
G2 Wolf $110

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Added a few more

Mcmo added


Inhaler,Life,dunks added

Life sold

!pmuB all prices negotiable

Bumpin uglies edit cleaned up the post a little.


Happy saturday! See anything you like but not the right price? Lets talk! :smiley:


Bump! Will trade for various A RT or CLYW!