LAST DAY!!!! LF: 888 CLASSIC!!! FT/FS: Canflon Liopleurodon

So here I have a mint ILYY Canflon coated Liopleurodon as sold here on YYE for sale or trade in high hopes of getting my hands back on an 888 Classic.

It’s in perfect condition and hasn’t gotten all too much play time. The stock deshielded bearing is included as is the stock hot red sILYYcone response and the red velvet jewelry bag that came with it. It’s a killer throw, dead smooth, and highly limited, but I’m really missing my old 888 right about now.

More pics may be provided upon request.

As far as the 888 goes, it MUST be a Classic model! No other models will be accepted (unless it’s an '07 but fat chance on that :P)! Aqua is the preferred colorway (or aqua w/ purple splash for bonus points) but if it came down to it, other colorways will be considered if offered. Offers should be in mint condition or at least absolutely vibeless. 888 trade offers will take higher priority over sale offers, but anything will be considered if offered. Thanks guys and offer up!