(yospeedracer) #1

excellent person to deal with.


Bought a very handsome bip bop Kodiak from @larryg51 and it was a perfect transaction! :hugs:


LarryG51 is without any dispute the best user on the YYE forums, and if not, the greatest hearted yoyoer I know.

I have been on and off yoyoing for a while, I have met many people from different communities and yet have I met such a great person. Larry makes yoyoing a great community to be in.

I can say proudly that this community is the best out there. We have so many members who help each other day-to-day.

LarryG51 is the prime example of what should be seen in a user.
I am grateful to announce him as a great user and one of the most amazing people I know.

Romulus Remo


Just purchased a Code 1 from @larryg51. Wonderful communication and foresightedness! I’m pretty sure I found my new favorite string thanks to him.


And the same goes for you my friend

(David Hough) #6

I got a great yoyo from a great seller! I couldn’t be more pleased with my transaction.


Great experience buying from @larryg51