Lake Tricks


This is just a short vid I filmed on a nice (albeit windy) day.


nice, but it needs a bit of music, otherwise those are some pretty legit tricks :slight_smile:

(Jerrod) #3



good but helps if theres background music


aww, music schmusic. I often turn the music way down on many of the videos anyway.

Excellent control throwing in the wind. I wish I could do some of those tricks inside with the windows closed.
Thanks for sharing.


Well your right but maybe. Not that heavy metal and rock and pop stuff because that hurts my ears. When real loud


Most of the whippy/slacky things I do involve the loop opening to the left, so if I stand with the wind blowing across my body in that direction, it helps open up the loops. And I felt this vid was too short to put music to, but whatever.