time shift

a video my friend and I did Thoughts?

That was great, really fun to watch. Only thing I would change is the music.

aww, I liked the music

You guys both were great you all have great flow(oh and which one were you)

Thanks! I’m the first guy, the one with the hat

any other comments?

Good flow and some awesome slack tricks (and I liked the music, too).

Really liked it!

I liked it too, really gave me the feeling of getting up and throwing again, I’m not that good but I can hold my own I think, either way I liked it.

Nice! You guys are very smooth!

Nice your really good

Awesome Tricks. I personally thought the music was outstanding. It rhythmically suits your style of play very well.

I felt the camera was a little too far away. It would have been perfect if it was framed from just below your waist to just above your head.