Lagged Chat

I lagged in the chat… thgere was like 20 people so i think the sever was wierd… anyone else??? It just got REALLY slow and then froze.

Ya it was slow. That is because there were connections all over the place, when that happens, the connection slows down. That is why it seems like some people reply right as the question is asked.

We just upgraded our server too - its going to be difficult to make it any better unless we find different chat software - I think we will stick with what is there for now and continue to see if it has anymore problems - it may be a bit laggy but it should never just freeze completely - did it?
If people are smashing answers into a keyboard all at once then this kind of slowing down thing will happen with any chat.

i wasnt having any problems, luckily.

It only lagged for me a little bit, not much.

Yes - it was a bit lagged. It was from some people just spamming. I don’t like spammers. >:(


Me too Steven.

Happy Throwing! =]