Ladies and gentleman it's my BST

From left to Right,

Gray with Purple acid splash Super G mint,

Yoyofactory Supernova Lite half blue with pink splash half gray with purple splash,

Eternal Throw Victory monkey finger ano mint. Has torx side effects because the mini disks caused a bad vibe.

YYf supernova blue with bronze speckle, near mint, 5a dings that are barely noticeable, doesn’t affect play at all,

Square Wheels Artifact Pre Pro has a vibe.

King Yo Star Scorpion King, smooth!!!

Duncan Momentum that’s stackless and dinged up like crazy.

I’m looking for a Yoyojam Inspire(most wanted. I’m willing to trade up for that), Spyy Spyder 2, C3 yeah3, anything one drop besides Cafe Racers and burnsides, any good plastic or delrin that’s non YYF. something fun to throw around. Maybe a one star or something. No guaranteeing I’ll trade anything as some things are closer to me than others

Correction!: I just put the mini disks in and they work beautifully. I had to tune it for a bit but I found the sweet spot.

Just a tip, you may not want to put that all in paragraph form. It’s pretty annoying to read through. Maybe put it in a list form, easier on the eye.