ladder escape

why does everyone complain “LADDER ESCAPE IS SO HARDZ!!! KTHXBAI” I learned it in a simple HOUR. an HOUR.

So do I.
but it’s not has to be that way.
some trick are easier for someone as some trick as harder to learn for someone else.

O.K., you think its easy some others dont think that way. Just cause you are a smart boy who picks it up easily doesnt mean you can say this. Yoive learned it in an hour. Congrats. Other`s learned it in a day. Congrats.

It is hard. The everybody that you are saying, are probably only on expert level tricks or starting out with master. Ladder Escape IS hard.

Hard can be said in use by a lot of levels of play.

A begginer= Woah, Double or Nothing is hard. An Intermediate=Woah, Iron Whip is hardAn Advanced=Woah, suicide is hardAn Expert=Woah, Ladder Escape is hardAn Master=Woah, 3.5 hook is hard`

People have different levels and can define hard as into Ladder Escape or Braintwister.

meh. the thing is, i should be a total noob. but i am not? i mean, 4 months, should not have brought me this far

Yes, you 4 months of yoyoing and already doing Ladder Escape. What about it?

Well let’s just say, some people take longer to learn things, some need 1 on 1 help, some people just have trouble hitting certain stings to make the trick happen. Not everyone is a Savant and can learn so much in only 4 months. Like me I have been trying to learn Ladder Escape and am having trouble landing on certain strings, so I move on to another trick then come back when I feel more comfortable with the trick. Honestly, Someone with your learning ability and being able to learn tricks so quick should be more respectful of Others learning ability. Some people have that one thing that their good or great at, I mean look Micheal Jordan is a god at Basketball but give him a Hockey Stick and Skates and you’ll have a clumsy B Ball Player on skates or Give Wayne Gretzky a Basketball and a hoop and you’ll be lucky to see him dunk. What I’m saying is Everyone has Their Thing that their good at and Obviously yours is YoYos, so thats great. But be Wary of Other peoples Feelings and Learning Ability, I’m not trying to Single you out or pick on just you cause god knows others have said the same thing about other tricks. Just be mindful when your Posting about others skillz and learning ability. But again Great Job now I have to finish learning Ladder Escape just to say I did it too, lol

i think ill lock this thread now… before someone gets the wrong idea