why is it so easy?

ok when i saw ladder escape i thought it was super hard i searched a tutorial and it wasnt hard at all it is mostly four seperate parts and i learned it within 15 minutes and i just want to know why people think its so hard plus i havnt even been yoyoing for a year but i learned it and it was realy easy

and im not a good yoyoer just to tell you

It’s weird how some tricks come easier than others. I know of people who can’t do a couple of the simple intermediate tricks but can do almost all of the expert ones. My friend who is hardcore into yoyo’ing competes and everything but can’t shoot the moon ha :smiley:

Yeah, some tricks are easy for some, but hard for others. Like for example, I can do tricks like White Buddha and Pagodas, but I can’t do Boing-e-Boing or Spirit Bomb.

Video or it didn’t happen. I don’t believe this.

Wait, for me to make a video?

No, for yoyojon3000.

Ladder escape is pretty easy when you sit down and look at it. It looks hard the first couple of times you watch it, but after a while, it becomes really easy compared to a lot of the different tricks you stumble upon

ok here is a video skip to 3:18 but the last green triangle is bad cause i was hurrying and plus its on a flea but heres video proof