KPop video: What yoyo is this?

I was watching a 3D version of Super Junior’s Mr. Simple music video and to test the 3D capabilities of the TV, one of the members threw a yoyo.

Now I’m wondering…what yoyo is that? I was looking around and I don’t know what yoyo it is. It’s pretty wide so I’m guessing it’s an offstring yoyo [just with the string attached, of course] But yeah, I’m just curious.

I mean, Super Junior is one of the most well-known boy groups in the Korean Pop music industry. Seeing a yoyo in a KPop video is surprising.

Around 1:24

Behind the scenes footage - around 2:14

EDIT: I changed the first video to the appropriate one. I don’t know why I ended up posting two of the same videos when I wanted to show two of them.

Looks like a yyj fiesta or a yyj big Ben, definitely looks like a yyj

I checked the images and it doesn’t look like either of those YYJ yoyos =[
I don’t know if I’m just overthinking and that the yoyo shown in the music video is just a cheap yoyo with a considerable size. But then you don’t really see super wide cheap yoyos anywhere…

EDIT: I also got the appropriate video for the first one. For some reason I double posted the same video :stuck_out_tongue:

Looked like a big yo, but the one in the video looked a little wider… :-\

maybe its a diablo

No diabolo has a high wall and a tiny gap.
I’ve been diaboloing for quite a while

It’s a big yo.

And it looks wider bc if the camera distortion