Konstantin Tudjarov

Hey guys, I made a new video and I wanted to share it with you! I hope you like it!

Awesome tricks and also love the scenery. What town is this? :o

Thank you! This place is called “The Castle of Ravadinovo” it’s near a town called Sozopol.

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Awesome video man!
You are one of my Favorite yoyoers!

Keep it up!

Thanks man, this means a lot to me!

No problem :slight_smile:
BTW could you give me any tips on how you create your tricks?

I watch a lot of yoyo videos and get inspired by many players. Sometimes I learn the exact trick of a player but I don’t want to do it in a competition or a video so I just play with the mount or the whole concept. It’s good to learn tricks from others because it expands your knowledge but I don’t encourage competing or making videos with tricks from other players.
Sometimes while I’m dreaming I imagine tricks in my head, so I wake up and try to do them ;D
That’s where most of my tricks come from. I’d advise you to experiment unusual moves and incorporate your ideas into tricks. I wish you the best of luck!

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Roses <3

Awesome vid man, I love your tricks

Thanks man

This is why you are one of my favorite yoyoers.

Thank you Cross Tolliver and 888victini
I really appreciate it!