Knack or Button run

I’ve been meaning to make a run for sometime, and the plan of what to make has changed from bloodcells, to take-apart blodcells and all sorts.

I apologise for how long this is taking and how many times I’ve changed my mind. I just want to get it right because I have very limited time to sink my teeth into making a full run and life does not always allow it.

I now want to either make a run of Buttons (the new model I’ve posted on the ‘show some wooden yoyos you’ve made’ thread or a run of the new slightly tweaked KNack.

The slightly tweaked KNack is even lighter (46-48g), and slightly smaller in diameter. It comes with hand turned axles for buttery smooth spins.

Both will NOT be take-apart. epoxied in is just better im my opinion. I’ve tried take apart, I can do it, but I just don’t like it. Either will be avaliable in Spectraply and regular wood options.

I can give no definite timeframe, but I will work on them slowly over time.

Here are some pictures for reference. Please place a vote.

  • Button run
  • KNack run

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I didn’t mean to vote. Lol

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Just send me one I’ll pay you later. Please come eat and drink with my people please…

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How you doing buddy???

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Yeah, well thanks!

I’d love to fly over to eat one of those smoked up huge slabs of meat you keep posting.

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Dude, it’s only fly over country!!! I want to visit you kind Sir!!

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I could parachute? Nah, I’d love to have you here. You can drink some of the awful stuff we call beer over here with me.

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I wish I could make my own yoyo!

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You can.

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I don’t have expensive power tools