Kilter vs Kilter 2


I only see one difference between them, the finish. Is that all?


Straight from YoYoExpert’s Kilter 2 blog post:

They changed up the weight distribution of the Kilter 2. YOYOFFICER gave the Kilter 2 bulkier rims to improve stability and managed to shave off some weight in the process to keep the Kilter 2 fast and maneuverable. An extra step near the gap was added to change up the profile and create a more H-shaped design. YOYOFFICER also reshaped the cup design with a more curved step from the hub and a new smaller engraving which greatly improves finger spin capabilities of the Kilter 2.


I hope its better, I just ordered one like 5 minutes ago…

(major_seventh) #4

Lucky. Enjoy :slight_smile: