New Release! The YOYOFFICER YaCare & Kilter 3!



Considered some of the best budget metals around, the YOYOFFICER Kilter Series offers some impressive performance for the price, and the latest model is no exception! The Kilter 3!

YOYOFFICER didn’t want to stray too far from their winning formula when designing the new Kilter 3. They started with the classic Kilter shape and made a few important tweaks to really amp up the performance.

They changed up the weight distribution of the Kilter 3, widened the gap, and beefed up the rims to improve maneuverability and power! These changes, combined with the new weight distribution, gives the Kilter 3 a fast maneuverable feel in play and a solid presence on the string.

This redesigned Kilter 3 really kicks performance up a notch and is sure to be a fast favorite in the YOYOFFICER lineup. Perfect for the new thrower looking for their first metal yo-yo or anyone looking to get their hands on a high performance yo-yo without breaking the bank!


When it comes to finger spin yo-yos the designer always faces the challenge of weight distribution. The hub needs to have enough material for a successful fingerspin without ruining the feel of the yo-yo in normal play. YOYOFFICER worked long and hard to achieve the best balance in their latest design – The YaCare!

The YaCare picks up where the Aura and Orbis left off. YOYOFFICER took what they learned from their previous models and implemented it into a new design that will elevate any players fingerspin game.

The strong curved H-shape profile of the YaCare allows for the perfect weight distribution in a fingerspin oriented design. It reduces center weight without taking away from the fingerspin cup and amps up rim weight for a powerful spin. This yo-yo plays fast, stable and feels comfortable through horizontal and standard tricks.

This isn’t just a fingerspin yo-yo, YOYOFFICER believes the YaCare is a serious contender for best single metal 1A yo-yo they have ever made!