Kickin’ it Old School (with a Freehand Zero)

I saw a post today asking why the Freehand Zero gets cred and felt compelled to make a video with one. A couple old tricks, but mostly new stuff I’ve discovered in the last month. Hope you enjoy!


Great video and awesome tricks!

Thanks for the kind words!

Awesome! I haven’t seen a video by you in a while! So many great gts and double gts!

Where did your hair go?


The hair went off to Locks of Love.

Make a tutorial for Daffodil. Nao.

Edit: Please.

Nice man! I really enjoy your style!

Slick stuff!


Thanks everyone!

The next day we have some sunlight I’ll make one and post it here. :slight_smile:

aww yeah. thanks.

The main/tricky elements are there. Hope this helps.  :slight_smile:

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TOOL!!! Yes!!! HAHA That was awesome man!!!

Thanks a ton! gotta go practice it.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

nice vid, jrod’ - the fhz shines in your hands :slight_smile:



Nice video JRod! I love the FHZ! Let me know if you get back into modding again, I have some work I need done on some FHZ’s and would love to have you do it. Keep making those videos man, especially the tutorials, that was awesome!

mgodinez! Thanks for watching and for the feedback!

Thanks genji! I’ll make a post on the forum when I finally score a new lathe. It’s been a long time coming …

Nice Old School :).