kendama edit #1 - [you're doing it wrong]

  • Ryan
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You’re a genius, Ryan.

[s]While these tricks work well as segues or intermediaries, they’re relatively lackluster compared to common kendama play when they are performed on their own. I’m of the mind that too many yoyoers are getting into kendama are trying to bring their mentality directly into it without first becoming familiar with the nature and vocabulary of the domain.

It’s /neat/, and it’s making steps, but I don’t necessarily think others are doing kendama wrong just because a yoyoer wants to tourist it up without learning a shred of the native language.[/s]

EDIT: Most of this is based on a misunderstanding which is explained below.

Errr…I actually meant that I AM doing Kendama wrong. Usually the titles on my videos are ironic or an allusion to something, and this was unequivocally ironic. I thought that the caliber of these tricks was so low that it implied this notion.

Trust me, I know that I cannot Kendama well, and that these are incredibly silly tricks. I in no way tried to make an assertion that I was great at this skill toy, I ultimately was just messing around. It frustrates me that you think I was making a pretentious statement that I was telling people that they’re doing their “sport” incorrectly. Really, before belittling and criticizing me on a public forum, please do not do it under false pretenses.

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Aha! That’d make more sense, and in hindsight, is totally you. Keep in mind that I did say that what you were doing is totally neat and worthwhile. I’ve been seeing too many people take this force of yoyo ideals onto kendama lately, by people who are being less than ironic. Seeing your titles for our yoyo videos, I’m feeling silly for having not picked up on your intentions. You’ll have to forgive me for that.

I’d also like to point out that being /wrong/ is different that intentionally spouting falsehoods. I misunderstood the title, and behaved on that, but I’m not attempting to put words in your mouth or make commentary on your character to belittle you. I maintain the capacity to be wrong and can handle being corrected.

Thanks for the PM too, but I’m only going to respond here.