Karasu Story

warning long post

Hello Everyone, I’d like to first and foremost thank everyone who has placed a pre-order for the Karasu so far, i’d like to take a bit of your time to give a little back story on how the design was made.

It started with my love of this one yoyo called the alter ego, really love that yoyo and it was the signature yoyo of Dan Dietz, now, originally i had the idea to do a make a yoyo with him cause i liked it that much, but the idea couldn’t move forward at the time, basically leaving me to hope and dream of eventually doing my own yoyo.

Coming around my Bday i had tried another new yoyo my girlfriend bought me called the silenus and the width and floaty feeling was just so nice and different than what the yoyo using heavily at the time the (Hinemosu) which is another all time favorite.

Eventually i came to talks with a yoyo designer i was talking to and threw him the idea of maybe helping me create my own sig. When he accepted my request i was more than thankful and we got to work, though i had no idea id get the chance to get it actually made.

Many revisons designs later we ended with the final design that you guys have seen,

Now, because I didnt have the funds at the time i had a choice to make, either ask some people if theyd be interested in helping fund the first protos of it, or save up eventually (no job at the time) to do it one day… i chose to ask a few people and with some stroke of luck for me, they were happy to help out.

When i finally got the protos in, the time came for the first test throw and i was shocked at how good it played, but my mind thought let me hold out cause it might be the honeymoon phase. After the funders got theres i awaited there feedback, turns out they all really liked it! As did I even after a month, its very hard for me to go back to any other yoyo.

This yoyo was designed in japan and inspired by some of several of my all time favorites, the Karasu (crow/raven in Japanese) is one that shouldn’t be left for the birds lol,

I really want to share it with all the throwers and collectors, in this community I’ve grown so fond of​:smiling_face_with_tear::purple_heart:. I understand the price may be a little high for some and your support is appreciated all the and I hope maybe one day i can make another yoyo to share with you all.

If interested in pre-ordering pm me!

Sorry for the long post.

Price: $110 before shipping
Colour this run: blue
55mm diameter
46mm width
67g weight


Still taking pre-orders any takers :raised_hands:t3::grin:


With about several more pre-orders we should be good to go!



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Hey everyone, just wanted to thank everyone that has pre-ordered a Karasu, I appreciate your support more than you know,

im thinking this will be the last week for pre-orders so if anyone is interested please Pm me.

Thanks you all again and i hope you have a wonderful day.:raised_hands:t3:

~ Lewi