How long do k-pads usually last and how many replacement ones should I get if I buy a dv888?

they will last a preaty long time but since ive never had a yyf yoyo before i would say get 2 extra pads or maybe 4 so you dont have to buy frequently

They’ll last very long, 3 months is ussually how long they last for me. Just buy 3 extra pairs, should bring you pretty far.

I have had my dv888 for over 3 months and they havent worn out at all ???

like 5 months if u play alot (like me) 3-4 hours a day. maybe 3 or 4 months. p.s i dnt leave my house without a yoyo. ;D

Ok cause I play a lot and they look exactly the same since I got my dv888 a little over 3 months ago.