Justin Weber X Turning Point CHAMELEON!

Justin Weber is a professional yo-yo performer and circus artist. He does some amazing choreographed yo-yo performances that are larger than life, and he needs the perfect yo-yo to captivate his audiences! The CHAMELEON!

The Chameleon yo-yo is a collaboration with Turning Point designed for Justin Weber’s signature style of long-string play. What’s long string play? Check out the video below!

This yo-yo isn’t your average 1A design. Sure it’s unresponsive, but tipping the scales just over 110g and larger than some 4A models, the Chameleon offers a really unique experience! The ultimate purpose of this yo-yo is as a performance tool. Justin wanted to enable other yo-yo enthusiasts to turn their hobby into a profession. He performs to make lots of people happy in one given moment by throwing this long-string yo-yo: 6-10 feet of string as opposed to the usual 3-5 ft, the bigger the better in terms of visibility from the audience’s standpoint!


Takeshi with Chameleon


is there a comparison next to a normal sized yoyo?

Is this yoyo spinning forever?

I’m only kidding lol…but sill, this thing is huge!


haha! nice.


Chameleon, palpitation, counter jet comparison.


To me, it would not be the diameter of the yo-yo to cause my primary concern.

It would be the weight of about 113.35 grams🙀

Unless you wear some sort of good finger guard. It wouldn’t take long to understand what I’m talking about.

I have no doubt the yo-yo plays amazingly well.

Kentaro does not make any low performance yoyos.

And Justin floats that thing around with not even the slightest sign of functionality problems.

I do think it would make a good 3A yo-yo.

If you had a Death wish and wanted to make it look like an accident😉

…Also, if you smack yourself in the face with that thing, you will instantly be able to see into the future.

Your vision will more than likely include some sort of medical assistance.


Does anyone have one of these for sale or trade?