Just Started a Online Fountain Pen Store go check it out :)




Not bad but, have you considered buying a domain for the website cause saying .weekly kinda detours people.


Yes, I will soon


A very nice start, but, I agree with Abby, a domain name may be helpful. But, if I were you, I would probably wait until revenue from the store could pay for the domain. It is all about balancing investment with reward.

However take my advice with a huge grain of salt, I’m a scientist, not an entrepreneur.



Okay I will thanks lol :slight_smile:


If the site is about selling pens shouldn’t product selection (fountain pens) come before “enlightenment” and definitely before “contact”

Until you have a larger product line and brand reconition selling on ebay might be a better option.


Your joking!
Domains are like $12 a year for a dot com


^ that’s what I’m thinking some times even less!