just picked up my Punchline

well i just picked up my punchline. All i can say is WOW. this yo-yo is beyond my skill LOL. The tricks that i’m doing work great BUT I now have to practice the crap out of my bind returns. practice, practice, practice.

I just opened up mine- YAHOO what a smooth running yoyo. right out of the box… Spin times are fantastic. Graphics look great also. Good feel in your hand, not just the edges like say a DM. Smooth finish, nice pointy centers.(whatever you call them)

now have to practice the crap out of my bind returns.<<<<
Try doubling up your string for easier returns…


I jsut got mine today too. I love it! It’s sosososo sweet. I got the blue and green and I just lovers the colors. It’s feels so good in the hand. Sleeps forever sososo smooth. I love it. I think I got a custom one cause the green is deifferent on each side of the yoyo. X)

-Bruno Teixeira

Wait, people who can’t do bind returns are popping 110.00 on Punchlines?

Woah! :o

Lol exactly what i thought when i read this…I honestly had to read it twice…Buy a fundametal haha

You JUST started and you got a punchline? I don’t care what people say but you shouldn’t of got it…a kickside or lyn fury would of been a better choice.

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To the OP: Don’t listen to what other people are saying. Some people just say things like that out of jealousy, or spite.

The Punchline is a great yoyo. I hope you have fun with it, and progress with yoyoing very well with it. :slight_smile:

I was actually gonna say that…

But I mean… I know right? They might eventually buy a Punchline after they get really good anyways.
They have the money, so they can buy it if they want too.

if you start with really good yoyo such as punchline, you are going to get really bad posture and you will not appreciate other yoyos later

Thats not true, a friend of mine started out with a wooly marmot, and he is really good

For most case (not all), that is true.
Remember, there are basic tricks that need to be learned with responsive yoyo.

But anyway, just enjoy it.

Im a guy wright fan, and im really want one. But sadly im out of budget.

I just got my Punchline last night and my hands are very happy!!! Its one sick throw. As far as dropping $110 on a throw and being a beginner, its not the wisest thing to do money wise but if you got it, and you want it, go for it. Its worth it. ;D

So? Who cares? As long as they are having fun, what’s the problem?

Samad, I’m glad they got it but I was never as easy to drop $100 on a Yoyo when I couldn’t bind. I’m just suprised people like to take the risk.

Well, if you have the passion and the true willing force to do it you know you can.

It takes, what, a couple of hours of hard practice to learn to bind? Seriously people, binding is not that big of an issue if the person really wants to learn. My 10 year old daughter is learning to bind an unresponsive yoyo after a few lessons and a few hours of practice this week. Maybe those who are making such a big deal out of it are slow learners?

The simple fact is that no matter what yoyo you throw, if you practice you will improve and learn. The most important issue is the persons dedication to learning and enjoyment of said process, not what yoyo they buy and whether you approve or not.


just an update to everyone who thought as a beginner that Punchline was a bad choice i’m now halfway through the advance part 2 and loving it. I try to throw each day. Some days ya just loose track of time. Last Saturday i lost about 5 hours that cannot be accounted for :). Oh and this was my second YOYO. My first was the skyfire.

Now why did I choose those YOYO’s? I live in calgary there is no place in town that sells a variety of yoyo’s. This is the hometown of one of the SPYY guys. I’m lucky that there is one store here in town that sells a good quality yoyo and thats SPYY.

all the best.

I think it matters on the person too. If you’re good, fantastic. But my neighbors started out unresponsive, and now they can’t pull of anything on a responsive yoyo, and it looks terrible reguardless… Not to be mean or anything. The first trick he wanted to learn was plastic whip, and it is still all he knows. He would have been better off starting the gradual slope kind of way.

But if you have different learning methods, go for it.

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