Just got a POPstar...


And I have to say, it plays amazingly. :smiley: Super smooth and heavy for its size, and it looks amazing on top of that. I couldn’t resist snapping a couple shots of it, lemme know what you think. :3


I really like the first picture.
Mind if I snag it for my PC wallpaper?


may i ask what string a what bearing


You can use it for your wallpaper. :smiley:

As for the string and the bearing, it was the string that came with it and a center trac bearing.


wow im throwing blue popstar,yye 100% poly l=neon green string with ct


That’s a weird coincidence. o.o I love the ct in mine, It makes it even smoother. I think I’m throwing the popstar too much, my 888x feels big now. XD


yea its small and heavy but you with get use to it


Wow that has an awesome finish on it.

(*dv888*) #9