Jumping over a Green Triangle And Trapeze


Sorry for just a link. Anyways, this is a video of me doing a Green Triangle then jumping over it. Also I am doing a Trapeze and jumping over it and jumping back over again. This is pretty easy stuff. haha. Enjoy. Please like that page on facebook :wink: Thanks !

If the link doesnt work, let me know!

You have to be a member of Facebook first, and then when you sign in, it takes you to a video page, with that video not existing, so, it doesn’t work. It would be better if you uploaded with Youtube instead.

Thankyou for letting me know ! I will upload the video right now.

You didn’t do anything.

dude that was AWESOME! way beyond 5 stars :o :o :o :o :o

Jensen would be proud! Good job!


Try this one. And like our page too!