This guy knows what he’s doing. Everything went well with no problems. Don’t think twice about dealing with him. :slight_smile:

I second that. Great communication. Very patient.

Yeah Man.
Johnny is one of the Coolest Guys you will ever Meet. Great Guy. Very Chill and Fun to talk to. :wink:

Why thank you for the nice words. Troy(oyo your feedback will be posted up tonight on here. Same goes for you Cody. Even though I bought stuff from you in person it was still a transaction. So expect feedback on here as well as your profile.

Great Guy, and Awesome Trader. Very Understanding. Chill guy in person and online, and Easy to trade with. Definitely giving him Positive feedback. You wont regret buying or trading with him. :wink:

Very true i just traded with him and he was nice and shipped wen he said amazing trader

i traded with him also, nice kid. shipped when he said he would and shipped first scince he only had 3 feedbacks, would definately ship same time now. hes legit

This guy is anamazing trader shipped when he said and he says yoyo is mint its MINT. Great dont hesitate to trade. Oh and btw johnny love the boss

Thanks man :smiley: I really appreciate the super nice comment. Looking to deal with U again in the future

Johnny is a awesome guy, trader, and everything went smooth and nice. I have to do business with him again soon

Awesome guy. Trading with him is very smooth and everything goes well. :slight_smile:

I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again… You could call him Johnny Legit! This good gentleman hooked me up with a long time favorite of mine, and gave me a description down to the bearing condition. (KINDA RARE ON THE FORUMS) Not to mention shipped everything in one of the most secure set ups I have ever seen, but if that wasn’t enough he also hooked me up with a Traders Feedback thread that I just gotta say Thank you so much for. I would make a new one for him, but I’m not sure if that’s cool where ones already been made for him here. Well whatevs Just gotta say Johnny_le1494 Welcome to the BUDDY CLUB.

If you’re a first timer and or are new to the BST, I very much suggest picking up something from Johnny_le1494. The reason i say this is because this will make your venture into the BST world a little easier, Hitting up someone with a good trade count, unboxing videos, and what seems to be a prominent bst following is an almost, comforting way to get into this trade. He packages things extremely well and communication and shipping was A++

I definately will Trade with Johnny_le1494 in the future ~

Thanks Johnny!

I am highly honored by your super kind words. i am grateful to have done a deal with you d42n355. i try my best to make B/S/T-ing as smooth as possible. i look forward to future deals with you d42n355. :slight_smile:

He is a nice easy to deal guy. He understands and ships really fast. His yoyos are always like he says dont hesitate. btw this is my 2nd deal with him

This is so nice, thanks so much for the nice words. :slight_smile:

I trust Johnny so much that i havent even received my throw from him yet, but i am still going to submit feedback and post in the Public feedback section, anyway, I asked if we could send the same day and boom he had no problem, he sent me the Steve Brown FHZ with the delivery confirmation number basically the same day i asked about it, and i was even unable to send out the money order yet and he was super understanding and he knows well that ill get it out first thing in the morning, but needless to say Johnny is the most Solid BST’er i have ever encountered! We need more A+ traders like Johnny!

Wow D42kn355,

i don’t know how to thank you for such kind words T_T <- tears of joy/happiness

I try to be the best i can be when it comes to B/S/T.

thanks again D42kn355.


johnny_le1494 is a great guy who really knows what he’s talking about! He replied quickly to all my questions and the yoyo I bought was in the exact shape as he described (almost mint!). He shipped the yoyo the very day he recieved the money I sent, and the very next day the yoyo was in my hands! Johnny should seriously consider being a business man! ;D ;D ;D

I have dealt with Johnny 3 times and never have been disapointed. He is understanding if you can not ship and always ships very fast. He packs the yoyos in bubble wrap and a layer of paper,then stuffing paper around it.He never lies about condition and if every single person were just as nice as Johnny in the bst, it would be a pleasant place with no worries of scammers.