John Higby on Time Warp.

John Higby AKA Mr. Yodel will be on the discovery channel’s show called Time Warp. I believe its on at 8 PM ET (eastern time) tomorrow (Wednesday).

If you didn’t know, Time Warp is a show where they take a slow motion camera, and just watch stuff that looks cool in real life and slow it down to 10,000 frames per second. Other episodes include a man juggling chain saws, a professional skateboarder, and watch drops of water hit a pan of water.

Check it out, its going to be sweet.

EDIT: Its actually 8 PM central time. - sneak peak.

nice ;D

i saw that on Discovery yesterday. didn’t think about telling every one though. it comes on at 7pm if you live in line with Oklahoma. later and remember keep it spinning.

I missed it, it was actually 8 pm eastern.

it was ok i guess. it had him on for like five minuits and he hits 15 qurters of peoples ears. he also lites a match on there not relly anything new. later and remember keep it spinning.

I bet it looked awesome at 10,000 frames per second.

I know this is a total necro but I thought it would be cool for everyone to see.