JnLyo Presents: The Finnell Project

Watch in HD and full screen!
YoYo’s used: YoYoFactory Super G
Song: Make You Better - Gramatik
Filmed by: Charlie King
Edited by: Luke Finnell & Charlie King

Awesome video! :o

Sweet skills! Editing and yoyoing!

Wow… what a great video! I can already see this being featured on YoYoSkills and other yoyo sites… I would even go so far as to say it could be the best video of 2013! (Yes, I know it just started!) Fantastic job on the camera work, editing, and best of all, the yoyoing. I would really like to see more from you guys! There’s alot of skill here! Nice work!

I thoroughly enjoyed that


This is soo good!

Thank you all very much! Especially SR! It means a lot!