Jason Wong | New YoYoExpert Moderator!

Nice job Jason

Congrats Jason!

I think I know who our next moderator should be…

*ahem Totalartist ahem

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Excellent choice André! Congratulations Jason.

I’d like to propose a toast, “Here’s to the excellent service we are about to receive. May our interactions and respect reflect our excitement for the appointment of such a fine representative of the yoyo community.”

Like mattB said, welcome Jason! I always enjoy talking g to you on chat, and you definitely deserve the honor of mod.

Congratulations, mate!


This is wonderful, best news I’ve heard all day. He already contributes a lot, I look forward to seeing you around here. :smiley:

Why aren’t I moderator yet?

Because you make posts like this… lol. Be a long time member and supporter of this community and actually get people to know you outside of this forum and then maybe people will start to look at you and you might actually maybe have a 5% chance of being moderator.

Cause if you where a mod destruction would reign through the forums.

I’d wait until I was an admin to do that…

Indeed. Welcome aboard, Jason.

Congrats Jason! :smiley:



Thanks ASL and Shadowz’ also :wink: Kind of you. Nice to see your name in blue Jason! We’re all stepping up our photo game thanks to you ;D


Congratz dude. You have always been very helpful and friendly in my dealings with you. Also you have changed the anodizing world and given a lot to the community. Good job :slight_smile:

Congrats Jason!

Dealt with this guy a couple of times even I’m outside US. He’s a very awesome and nice guy!

Ditto. Congratulations Jason :stuck_out_tongue: