Jason Lee Edition YoYoFactory Shutter!

The Shutter by YoYoFactory has quickly become a favorite. And with this new special edition YoYoFactory pays homage to a real legend. Jason Lee.

This is an extremely limited production item that will remain collectible for years to come. Taking influence from Jason’s other main hobby, photography, the Jason Lee Shutter comes designed similarly to Jason’s camera!

This limited edition features:

  • All black anodizing
  • Custom laser engravings on both sides
  • Jason’s signature lasered on the yo-yo.
  • SPEC bearing stock installed
  • Spare CTX bearing in the box!
  • Exclusive YoYoFactory branded lens cleaner!!!

Less than 100 pieces of this amazing, one-time only special edition have been produced.

Sweet! Still need to get a Shutter…

wow these sold out quick!

I managed to Nab 2! I can’t wait! They look so beautiful.

wowo there already out of stock wow

Yay! I managed to grab one of these. I love the engravings!

Man, stay away from the forum for a couple days and this is what happens… Would have LOVED this…

Maybe I can find one for retail-ish price on the BST in a couple weeks…