ISO- Looking for various throws :D

Since I have recently a bit of $ and since I’m too lazy to go through the BST :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve decided to compile a list of yoyos I am interested in. If you have one of these and are looking to sell please PM me. Include condition/asking price.

K¨ntosh- preferably black
Skyva- Transluscent orange
Manatee- any greens, blues, or splashes
Scout- any
Nine Dragons- any, new colors would be nice
C3 fingerspin- any
YoYoRanger Hertz- any
Gradient- orange
IYoYo VERiTAS- any
Jackknife- any
Orca- any
Mighty flea
Big deal
Origami- silver/any
C3 imagine breaker- any
C3 move- the red white one would be cool
C3 level 6- any
C3 gamma crash- any
C3 gungnir- any
Magicyoyo stealth- any
Axis pulsefire- any

And, of course…


I’ve got this, mint, Manatee box, but not original…

I have a ashberry orca