ISO: KAMUI offstring yoyo. (and others)


you know that white yoyo the 3rd place worlds 2009 4A champion (Tsubasa, Onishi) used in his freestyle?

yeah well, i need one and i would be willing to trade alot for one.
PM me if interested. you never know.

im also interested in the new yoyofactory plastics, anti-yos and stardusts. otherwise just offer.



I don’t think they’ve been released yet, but I could be wrong. Anyway, it’s a very expensive yoyo at $150. Just to let you know. Also, know that because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s “better”. It’s just different.


It came out yesterday Im sure, but yes you are right.


I know this guy and he’s good… He needs that Kamui :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m not saying this to make him sell me his Aqua…


they were also sold @ worlds.

(G5) #6

They are 130$ on yoyoguy.