Stopper 4A?

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Pretty cool!

And using the new Kamui yoyo too!



Wow! Cool! 8)


Really makes me want to go 4a


That is so awsome!

(202andrew) #5

that was awesome.
your really good at 4a

(Jesse) #6

That’s not Jayyo, he got that video from somewhere else.


Wow. Crazy. He just practiced it enough that it would slightly snag but not fully bind? Nice.


I really want that yoyo
I saw the shape and everything
and here is another video

I heard it is 150dollars
that is insane


The Pure Gold is $350 but nobody is complaining lol. It’s bound to hit something if Jon Rob is using it for 5A. $150 for an offstring? It’s unheard of, but we also used to think that $100 was expensive for a normal 1A yo. The only thing that gets me is that this yoyo screws directly into the plastic so it might not be exactly the best purchase yet… Maybe if it had metal threads it would be an easier buy. I would throw my cash on the Kamui if I had the cash for it lol…

Anyway I’ve been practicing some stopper tricks but I only get that mount on accident loll.

(Runez4lyf) #10


Is there a tut on how to get into the stopper?

It looks good.


I don’t think so

(Yo!It'sMatt) #12

Crazyness. ;D


what yoyo wold be good to do those tricks


So this is not the same concept as the Magic Sleeper by Hironori Mii? The share a similar look, but these on are done faster…

(Jei Cheetah) #15

Yes it different.
Hironori’s trick needs the string to be twisted so the string can grab on each other to prevent the yoyo from falling off the string.

This works somewhat the same, but involves careful hand timing to get the string to catch at just the right moment so the yoyo spins but stays on the string.