Is this a real small bearing 888????

Maybe? Can you take a picture that isn’t hella blurry, and either show the gap or unscrew it and show the bearing seat? Super hard to tell what’s going on in the pics you posted.

I don’t remember there ever being raw 888s that were engraved, though…

TheYoStore 888’s were engraved and raw. This one looks like the ano was stripped though.

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Sorry, its not a pic by me

Fair enough.

I don’t know anything about editions from that other store since I never liked the owner and never supported the place but it looks like a raw 888 to me, and I don’t recall specifically any issues with raw bootleg 888s…all the bootlegs I saw were anodized.

So, I’m about 88% sure that’s a legit 888. ;D

Can u silicon the small bearing ones?
And if not what size are the pads?

The only small bearing 888 I have encountered was high walled, not sure if they made a non-highwalled 888 (Steve would know for sure on that). That doesn’t look high walled in the pic and the transition cut between rim and catch zone looks muddied which leads me to agree with MiamiBuddha on it being stripped, possibly blasted off.

Wuld it look better if it was polished?

That’s all opinion, but I would say definitely