Is there any way to get this?

I wasn’t sure where to put this post. Is there any way to get the music used in Hiroyuki Suzuki’s performance with his Anglam shown on this website?

Shazam app? Android and iphone.

Shazam uses a mobile phone’s built-in microphone to gather a brief sample of music being played. An acoustic fingerprint is created based on the sample, and is compared against a central database for a match. If a match is found, information such as the artist, song title, and album are relayed back to the user. Relevant links to services such as iTunes, YouTube, Spotify or Zune are incorporated into some implementations of Shazam.

Its preety darn good at finding obscure groups and stuff.

Step 1: Fly to Japan
Step 2: Locate Hiroyuki
Step 3: You and him go to Starbucks to discuss things
Step 4: Ask him about the music you want
Step 5: Realize you can’t understand him because he speaks Japanese
Step 6: Fly back to the USA
Step 7: Go to school
Step 8: Take a Japanese class
Step 9: Become fluent in Japanese
Step 10: Fly yourself back to Japan
Step 11: Locate Hiroyuki again
Step 12: You and him go to McDonald’s to discuss things because he hated going to Starbucks the first time
Step 13: Ask him about the music you want

You get your music

Hiroyuki gets his mcnuggets

Problem sloved :stuck_out_tongue:


But Mickey can speak English.

Mickey speaks great english. I talked to him a couple of times at Worlds. He’s quite fluent despite the accent. You could also shuffle through the comments on Youtube.

Mickey speaks perfect English.

Anyway, the song is called “YoYo Drumstep”, a track produced by m-flo’s Taku Takahashi and is made for Mickey himself. It is not released for sale and so far only he has access to the actual song file.
I doubt he’s gonna hand anyone the track anytime soon.

You’ll have to depend on poor-quality YouTube rips.