Is playing the speedy style automatically labelled as "point wh*ring" nowadays?

… in 1A?

I’ve been thinking this for a while. Personally i play a more “flowy” and slow style but it seems like the fast style is slowly being a derogatory term nowadays when yoyoers usually see it as “non-creative” and “just to score high in contests”,… It shouldn’t be like so IMO, maybe some yoyoers choose to play the style simply because it appeals to them more than the slower style and they don’t have any intention of competing or even know how the scoring system works. If there’s anything to blame, it’s the judging system that focus too much on how many string you hits (fortunately the new system has been focusing more on performance as a whole).
Example of yoyoers playing the “fast” style: Mickey, Kevin Nicholas,…

Sorry if i can’t fully express it in English for you guys since it’s not my first language

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Completely understood. I’m another “fast” player and I hate it when people believe that crap. I play fast because I’ve always liked going fast in everythng I do. I understand oeople have opinions but theres a fine line between opinion an insult

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Dude, make a video.

This guy totally deserves to be sponsered. Major skill brah.

I love you

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My 3 favorite players are flowy. Jensen, Zach and Charles. they all seem to score pretty high :wink: I think that some people just prefer to go fast anyways so I guess its there choice. I personally think Mickey is awesome but I can’t stand to watch him because I have no idea what he is doing its all so fast. On a side not your english seems perfect.