Is my Metal Zero Repairable, or am I pretty much screwed?

Ok, so I have this real bad Metal Zero. It has like no threads at all, and too bad, it doesn’t use a hex nut. so… I’ve tried loctite, and unless I’m using it wrong, no progress. I apply it, then let it sit for a while (I’ve tried all different times, like 20 mins to 2 and a half hours) and no dice. The axle just comes out uselessly. I have no idea what to do. And if I can’t fix my zero, I have NOTHING to throw till around christmas (Imperials and butterflys don’t count)… :’(

let the locktite sit over night and see if that helps, otherwise do what i did when mine got stripped-

Ok, I’ll try that. If I do get real frustrated, I’ll put the two halves back to back with gunpowder inbetween them, light a fuse, you know, the whole nine yards. It’ll be fun. ;D

uhhh you better run…really really really fast if you do that, a good BOOM is always good but melting it is much more fun

life would be so much duller if I were not a pyromaniac :smiley:

OR I could re-thread it for you.

that sounds like a MUCH better idea lol

Its not free though! lol

don’t you charge like 50 cents?

Oh, great! Uh, how much will this cost me, and how shall i ship it to you?

I would also recommend having him silicone recess it, it’ll increase its play amazingly.

eh, depends how much it’ll cost.

A lot less than buying new stickers every week (or for me, half hour) or if you have silicone stickers every month.

Do you have to replace the recessed silicone every once and a while, or not? what exactly is this process. Sorry, never had this done. :stuck_out_tongue:

the silicone wears out so you do have to replace it but it lasts longer compared to duncan friction stickers. replacing it is rather easy. you can just buy the silicone stickers and put them it(i think) or you can buy your own flowable silicone and do your own silicone job.