Is it possible to quote from more than one topic?

I wanted to make a post that contains quotes from two or more different topics, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Is it possible to do this? Also, here are some related queries (including this one).

  1. Can I make a post that contains quotes from two or more different topics?

  2. Can I make a post that contains quotes from two or more posts within the same topic?

  3. Can I create a new topic by quoting an existing topic?

There may be an easier way but…

Open a new browser page, highlight the text, hit quote, copy all the text that appears in the post window. Return to original browser and paste.

I tried this and it didn’t work out great, it loses the avatar, etc.

Yes, ti has the persons name and the text though.

I was hoping to make it look the same as when normally quoting a post. I think this could be a wonderful forum improvement.

it shouldn’t be that difficult, I do it all the time. All you have to do is start your response in the topic that you wish to respond in, and then navigate however you want to in order to get to the other places that you want a quote from, highlight and select your quotes, and they should add them to your working response. Once you’re done compiling all of your quotes and your other dialogue, just hit respond, and if you’re not in the original topic that you wanted to respond to, it will ask you if you want to respond in the topic that you are currently in, or the topic that you originally began to respond in.

That was a mouthful lol


Ugh, I tried this repeatedly and failed.

Ahh that works @smileypants707!


I’ll try this again a bit later. I’m assuming this same technique will work for all three of my queries. If it doesn’t I’ll report back. Thanks!

My post in the mods and maintenance section was done just as smileypants707 described…


Yes this works as described. Note that quotes from a different topic will have the topic title shown, to clue you into the fact that the quote is outside the current topic.

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I wasn’t hitting reply previously because I thought it wasn’t posting in the correct thread, so here it goes again.

Thanks @vegabomb, @smileypants707, and @jhb8426. This is very useful.