is it possible to hubstack a yuuksta?


sup yall,
I got a PGM and a yuuksta and I was wondering if I could put the hubstacks from the PGM onto the yuuksta. I know you can do this with the DV888 but Yuuksta is a difference shape/size.

Also, If it is possible to stack a yuuksta. can i take the stacks off if I dont like it?


I don’t see why not but I wouldn’t.


you can hubstack everything.

if the modder is skilled that is

except for a dns. it means DO NOT STACK


why can’t you stack a dns?


if you wish the wrath of kyo you can. but its not reccommended :wink:

(Brandon1) #6

It probably is if you have a long enough axle.


What??? you can hubstack the DV888!!!

(Brandon1) #8



Rice did one.
He call it SIK (Stack It Kyle)


Where did you get that little bolt that you screwed on top of the axle?


I do believe it’s from a pgm.
the guy who stacked my m1 did the same thing with it.


heh, i know. but stil ;D