Is bones skate bearing speed cream safe to use on yoyo bearings?

I was going to use it on one of my yoyos to make it faster, but I’m too scared to use it. It’s worked well with my skate bearings so I was thinking it might work on yoyos too. Will they work?

Skate lube tends to be greasy thick lube. Even the good highend stuff (no better than 3 in 1) is thick lube. Don’t use it unless you want response.

Skateboard bearings (generally) go through a lot more abuse than yoyo bearings do. Because of this, they require thicker lube. I would recommended picking up a bottle of yoyojam thin lube, available on this website, for all of your lubing needs.

It’s a very worthwhile investment. One bottle of thin lube will last for decades.

It’s great for looping but not for anything else as your yoyo will become responsive like nobody’s business.

actually It’s an excellent thin lube.

ORLY? My tube was left open and is like 6 years old. Hmm… Time to huck it methinks.

I know of a few people that swear by it and they’ve been yoyoing for years. I trust em.