Interview and insight by the GOAT

I remember seeing these interviews 2 years ago but forgot about them. Pretty cool to watch them now looking back. LOTS of cool stuff.

The 2nd interview in particular was really cool to watch again looking back. He lost at JN that year when asked how he felt he basically said he was disappointed but that freestyle was focused on leveling up. Later that year he had a gamechanging FS similar to this year :exploding_head:

Also asked about 4a and what the future holds for that. He says he’s really just doing it for fun and to try a different style but is mainly focusing on 3a. But at this point he had already won a few smaller 4a contests. Wins 4a worlds the following year :exploding_head:

Also when asked to give beginning 3a advice he had no answer, I guess that’s how natural it came to him :joy:


Also his answer to why he started 3a kind of caught me off guard tbh, but when he said it it honestly made a lot of sense. “3a’s future didn’t look bright.” Its something I’ve thought about a lot lately but haven’t spoken out about it.

A crazy reason to start a style too. “I want to start 3a because I know I can redefine and evolve the style” Well, now he’s 6 time 3a champion.