Internet comics

Does anybody read any internet comics? I just found this site that has a lot, and it’s made me laugh more than once!

That’s one that made me laugh XD Obviously it’s as immature as it gets, but hey, it’s funny, lol!

So yeah, feel free to share, or not. I mat have some others to post up XD

I really like frazz. I practically wake up to that. Does baby blues and Get Fuzzy count as a internet comic, as it is on the internet? :wink:

I love VG Cats (just wish they’d update more often). Cyanide & Happiness is also great if you’ve got a slightly twisted sense of humour.


Are we allowed to post cyanide and happiness here? It’s really the only web comic I read.

Wasn’t really sure either since some of the comics are kinda sorta un-PC and potentially offensive.


And most of them are very crude.

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The day we start worrying about being politically correct on an ‘anonymous’ forum is the day the internet is truly ruined.

I also enjoy C&H. It’s basically the web comic version of South Park - constantly pushing the envelope of offensiveness and being awful. It’s great.

But for something a little more playful, I really like the Beartato comics on They’re innocent and extremely hilarious. It’s just a shame the artist only makes like one a month. I need more… is legit.



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If you’re into it Viz Manga has a good selection. The Shonen Jump is $25 for a year of weekly mangas. Haven’t subbed yet but I’m going to sometime.