Interesting lubricant for bearings

Fooling around, I needed lubricant for my AL5 bearing. I didn’t feel like heading downstairs, so I grabbed a bottle of lubricant eye drops and used it in place of bearing lubricant. If you have dry eyes or contacts, and happen to have this stuff, give it a try! Obviously, you don’t want to use it permanently, but its great for emergencies.

I really wouldn’t recommend a water-based “alternative” lubricant inside a steel bearing, even if in emergencies.

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It’s fine. Steel rusts very quickly (Like hours left in water), and the tiny bit of water evaporates very quickly. My bearings are fine, and it’s been nearly 8 hours since I used it. Besides, I wash bearings with soap and water when I get lazy. Never had a bearing rust out. I believe all Terrapin bearings are done this way prior to treatment, and those aren’t even stainless steel.

I would guess it’s a bit more pricey than commonly available lubes for yoyos.

One time I felt too lazy to clean my bearing, so I used some old glasses cleaner (I don’t wear glasses anymore) and then used the paper slip method while the bearing was still wet to help soak up the dirt. Instead of cleaning. Water would probably do the same thing, but the glasses cleaner was closer than the sink. So yeah.

Yes, that’s why you don’t really want to use it often. Just emergencies, or when you don’t want to walk up/down a flight of stairs to get lube.