Incredible Ice

I went down to Cantwell Cliffs in Hocking Hills Ohio to shoot my new yoyo video. I think it turned out great even though I had to shoot the whole thing on my phone. Enjoy!


That was a really, really good video! Super good tricks, and a whole nice mood to the video over all. Great job! :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! I put a whole lot into it!

Wow! That was an impressive video! Great tricks, you have a very unique style!

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so amazing wish I was at your level. GO OHIO THROWERS

Fantastic. One of the best non-pro videos I’ve seen this year. You’ve got serious skills mate.

Are you sure you were allowed to eat that? Nice vid

I don’t think anyone cares about preserving the ice sickles :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice tricks though! Like shadowz143 said, you have a very unique style. Nice video too for an iPhone, guessing it was shot on one of the 5’s?

too good man, too good. That was also very good quality for a phone :o. Keep making videos man I liked those tricks.

Thank you everyone for the nice comments!

What are you talking about bro! You’re on the same level haha

Oh good, I’m not the only one who eats icicles like that.

Nice tricks!

You kinda remind me of Dylan Benharris. Great video man.