I'm Sellin DM orange for 30 dollars

Hello people on yoyo expert im sellin DM orange for 30 dollars the metal rims are scratched up a lot but the DM has a KonKave inside and is really good for playing. It has one cap one and one cap off.
I can only do it by mail, shipping is 5 dollars if you are intrested please PM me and tell me your address so i can send it and don’t worry i won’t tell hack or track you down cause thats just plain dumb.
Also PM me if you want string, if you want string it’s free it comes with 5 poly 100% bulk max. 8)

TRADES ARE ACCEPTED! 8) SOLD! OR TRADED![color=black][/color]

post pics please you have no feed back to show trust worthy and you should mention if it has a big vibe.