Trading DM2 for something....?

Hello there. I am trading my DM2 (translucent red) for some kind of yoyo for around the price range around the 30-50$ range. I’m not sick or tired of this yoyo, because it’s amazing! I just want something different, but literally don’t have any money, so i figured why not trade.

Function-wise, nothing wrong with it. Only 2 things about this yoyo, as you can see down below, is that there are 2 scratches on it, (by that, I have learned to not let a 6 year old kid play with a yoyo on the concrete street), and both friction stickers are missing. Everything else though, is fine. I had a One Drop Rally or a YYF shutter in mind, but if you have any other offers, I would love to hear them. We’ll compromise to something, eventually. Also, I do not mind if there are scratches on the yoyo, so it is fine. (Unless its REALLY bad, like your dog chewed on it, or something.)  :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions, PLEASE ask. Thanks.  ;D

what about the silicone?