Im on a team!!!!

I got on Team A2Z!!

You’re holding the paper upside down LOL.


No, the picture was taken from my computer so it turns out backwards

Hhmm, I thought that only happened with mirrors.

the computers like a mirror when it takes pictures

You look so happy! ;D

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He is trying to Hide is enthuisiasm you can tell,

EDIT: sorry i pushed your thankyou button by mistake… ummm happy birthday theres your gift

I don’t think you’re allowed to say sorry for thanking someone. :wink:

Congatz’s! It would be better if you took the pic in the mirror so it would be normal.

probably :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice job! Congratulations. I have been on a team but i quit yo-yoing but i think i might be starting again!


There are tonnes of programs that can flip that image horizontally so its the right way, like photoshop. There is probably a little program that does just that if you google it haha.

Congratulations mate! Some of the tricks on there definetly aren’t easy, you should be very proud.

how did you get on, I want on

Fixed it for you :] Congrats!


They have a list of tricks you have to complete and you have to go to team practice