I'm looking for an old PDA/Windows Mobile.

Well, I have a windows Pocket PC 2003, and I love it. I can watch movies, run executables, get apps, and so much more. However, It cannot be unplugged from a wall, as it holds no charge in its battery.

So, I’m looking for a new one. Not exactly a new model, just a pda that can function as above and is about just as recent. So If you have one just lying around, please let me know. I’ll toss out some money on it, but not looking to spend big bucks.

Just if it’s no use to you, I’ll give you some money for it. Not enough for a fancy metal or anything, I’m looking at below 30, at least.

Tell me if you have one uselessly laying about.

I have a palm Zire 31 laying around I don’t know if it will play movies though.

I’m curious… what is PDA?

I have one just like the picture, (if not the exact same model) that I don’t use. But $30 dollars is a lot lower than I’d accept. Cost me $600, and still works fine (as far as I know). I originally used it all the time, but after a while I only used it to read E-books, but haven’t gotten any E-books in a year or two, hence the reason I don’t use it.

Did you consider just trying to get a new battery for the one you have?

Edit: I checked Ebay and there’s one with 6h left with a current bid of $46