I'm having an issue with my Xbox 360 harddrive


My 360 has the internal 4gb hdd and I recently bought a 320gb hdd to plug in to it. When I got it, I just plugged it in and it showed up that it had 300-something gb storage but now, when I go in there it says that it is not formatted. So, I tried formatting it and it keeps saying there is an error and it can’t format…

Is there any other way of doing this? Is mine defective???


Does that have a USB interface? If it does just plug it into a PC and see if it mounts up. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably toast. If it does it looks like something’s wrong w/the Xbox.


Nah, it doesn’t plug into the usb slot. It’s like this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/320GB+Media+Hard+Drive+for+Xbox+360/3724705.p?id=1218428664064&skuId=3724705&st=xbox%20360%20hard%20drive&cp=1&lp=1

So it’s toast huh? Can you point me to a good kind to get?


I’m not up on Xbox stuff, but you can get an adapter cable that will allow you to plug the drive into a PC to check it out.



Thanks for the help. I have another external hdd that has the USB and it holds 250gb… Maybe I’ll just check it out.