im back

i know ive been gone for a while but i used to go to the nashua meet up. i got a few new throws and a few old ones back, but i was wondering when it will start up again

welcome back

I’ve sort’ve commandeered the Nashua meets as of late. I don’t plan on doing one until after NER. After that the weather should be a bit more favorable. I plan on doing the second annual Yoyo BBQ during the summer as well :wink:

Of course, that doesn’t make me in charge of anything, so I don’t know when the next Nashua meet will REALLY be.

NER? And yeah when me and ben started it I kinda faded off but I license now so I should be able to help out more often then I did last year. I missed the BBQ last year but I did get a few new throws which will be good, well the weather is lettin up too which means maybe march or April if you want